Nigeria Drops Out Of World Top 30, See New FIFA Ranking:

In the recent ranking of footballing nations published by FIFA on Thursday, the Super Eagles of Nigeria have dropped three places.

After the new FIFA ranking, the Eagles, who were ranked 29th previously, have now fallen to 32nd place in the world.

In their African ranking, the Nigerian male national team also lost some ground, falling to fourth from their initial third place.

The Desert Foxes of Algeria are now in third place in Africa.

After the team lost 1-0 to Algeria and then struggled for another 1-1 draw against Tunisia in their recent friendly matches, the Super Eagles’ current position is not too shocking.

Meanwhile, as Belgium, France , Brazil, England, and Portugal all maintained their positions, there were no changes in the top five teams in the world.

On November 26, the next FIFA / Coca-Cola World Ranking is expected to be released.

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