Dr. Dre, an American rapper, will pay his ex-wife Nicole Young N41 billion in a divorce settlement.

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young are split, and a court has decided how they will divide their assets.

Nicole will receive N41 billion ($100 million) in two installments from the music producer, and she will keep four of their ten cars.

Dre will keep seven of their estates, as well as full rights to his master recordings, trademarks, and partnership and trust interests.

The protracted and acrimonious divorce between Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole Young has come to a conclusion. This comes after Dre and his ex-wife reached a property settlement.

Dre and Nicole have filed a property settlement agreement in which Dre would pay Nicole N41 billion ($100 million). He’ll pay half up front and the rest over the course of a year.

Dr. Dre will pay KSh 1.1 billion to his ex-wife Nicole Young. Kevin Mazur is the photographer.

Seven properties will be kept by Dre.

The music producer, whose net worth is reported to be in the millions, will keep seven of their properties, including two mansions in Malibu, two homes in Calabasas, and four homes in Los Angeles.

Dre will also retain the rights to his master recordings as well as his Apple stock, which includes proceeds from Beat by Dre sales.

Nicole receives four automobiles.

They also split their ten-vehicle fleet, with Nicole receiving four of them.

She’ll also keep the jewelry, money, and bank accounts she had during their marriage. Nicole was also told that she needed to pay her attorney’s fees.

a tumultuous divorce

Nicole attempted to serve Dre legal documents at his grandmother’s burial, according to gidiandmimi

On Monday, October 18, Dre was paying his last respects to his grandma when a legal representative arrived with the documents. The specific place where the legal representative encountered Dre, however, has been disputed.

According to a source close to the producer, he was contacted while standing near his grandmother’s coffin. According to individuals close to Nicole, he was served after the burial in the cemetery parking lot.

Dre refused to take the paperwork because he was enraged. A judge’s order instructing Dre to finish paying Nicole’s attorney expenses was among the papers given to him.

After 24 years together, Nicole filed for divorce from Dre in July 2020. She cited irreconcilable differences as her justification.

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