In a viral video, a young man walks to the front seat and fights the pastor during a church service.

A fight broke out among the congregation during a church service led by Bishop Kevin Adams

A man dressed in white approached a front-row youth pastor and began throwing barbs, to which the pastor responded in kind.

Adams responded to the attack by saying that the man who assaulted the pastor had relapsed after leaving rehab.

Two members of the congregation got physical while the preacher was preaching the gospel, causing a ruckus in the church.

According to TMZ, the brawl took place on Sunday, December 26 at the Olivet Baptist Church in Tennessee.

A brawl broke out during a sermon at the Olivet Baptist Church in Tennessee.

One man approached another man in the front row and began swinging, according to footage from the brawl.

As they went out of the camera’s view, the seated man stood up and began fighting punches.

The preacher tried desperately to restore normalcy, but the two refused to listen to his pleas.

Marcus, put a stop to it. Bishop Kevin Adams could be heard saying, “Marcus, come on.”

The man became more relaxed.

Before hitting a young pastor sat in the front, the preacher later claimed that the man in the white t-shirt had recently returned from rehab.

Adams went on to say that the individual might have relapsed since he didn’t know where he was.

They were also able to calm the man down before he burst into tears and opted to return to rehab, according to Adams.

Angry church members attack the preacher after he purchases a new vehicle.

Meanwhile,gidiandmimi recently reported that enraged church members battled with their pastor when he received a new whip.

In an Instagram video by @kingtundeednut, enraged churchgoers chase down their pastor and seize him by the shirt as soon as he exits his white Range Rover automobile.

Many hands tightly grab the unidentified cleric’s shirt to his amazement, resulting in a heated exchange. They requested a refund of their tithes, according to reports.

In Ikeja, Lagos, male and female preachers compete for a preaching place.

In other events,gidiandmimi reported that male and female preachers in Lagos were fighting over a preaching position.

A male and female preacher got aggressive in the video published on Instagram by gidiandmimi in an attempt to claim ownership of the spot.

Initially, the besuited male preacher engaged in a spiritual war with the woman, who seemed to prefer fisticuff than going spiritual like her opponent.

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