Buju allegedly attends the 27th show after being paid for the 26th, and the show promoters allegedly deflate his Benz tyres.

Fast-rising Buju, a Nigerian artist, is said to have had issues with show promoters for an event in Lagos.

The performance organisers allegedly deflated the Feeling singer’s Benz tyres after he attended the event a day later.

Buju was said to have arrived to the event on December 27 after being paid to perform on December 26.

Buju, a fast-rising Nigerian singer, had his car tyres deflated by enraged show organisers when he showed up for a paid gig a day later than planned.

Buju was supposed to perform at a show in Lagos on December 26th, according to social media reports. On the designated date, he was likewise supposed to appear at the site at 7 p.m.

Buju’s automobile tyres deflated when he refused to return money despite showing up for a gig the next day.

Buju, however, attended the paid gig at 4 a.m. on December 27, according to gidiandmimi on Instagram.

This is believed to have resulted in a confrontation in which the show promoters demanded their money back, which the artist allegedly refused.

The singer’s four car tyres were allegedly deflated by the show promoters to prevent Buju from leaving, according to an eyewitness video posted by gidiandmimi

Check out the video below:

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