Lady Ends Her Marriage Just 10 Hours After Tying the Knot Because Her Groom Got Drunk at Their Wedding

After an incident between the newlywed couple, the marriage came to an abrupt end.

After they had arrived at their hotel room barely 10 hours after their wedding, the groom had slapped his wife over an unidentified issue.

As a result of her reaction, the disgruntled newlywed wife packed her belongings and left her husband and, by extension, the marriage.

A newlywed couple’s marriage was on the rocks just 10 hours after they walked down the aisle.

The bride in issue happened to be a coworker, according to a Twitter user who relayed the story.

Reactions as lady walks out of her marriage barely hours after her wedding
He slammed his fist into her in their hotel room. Rowan Jordan contributed to this image.

He slammed his fist into her in their hotel room.

According to the lady’s coworker, the couple had an unspoken misunderstanding in their hotel room.

The groom, who was believed to have been inebriated during the just finished wedding, assaulted his wife.

Without hesitation, the distressed bride packed her belongings in the hotel room and walked out, thereby ending the marriage.

The narrator expressed amazement at the incident, saying:

“Exactly like that.”

The story sparked a social media debate.

gidiandmimi made the following observation:

“@bright r Don’t stay in a violent relationship, but I think that decision was a little hasty. It’s her wedding night, and he’s drunk, so it should be a little more difficult for her to make that decision. On the other hand, it’s possible that this isn’t the first time.”

The wedding was canceled because the bride’s parents disliked the groom’s residence.

Meanwhile,gidiandmimi recently claimed that a wedding was canceled because the bride’s parents did not approve of the groom’s residence.

Prior to presenting her story, the lady stated that classism is rampant in the northern portion of the country, and that it is perpetrated by parents.

She revealed that the bride’s parents felt the groom’s house did not fit their child’s status before the wedding was called off.

The parents, according to Maryam, stated that they would not want their daughter to endure in such a situation.

gidiandmimi is the source.

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