Reactions to a quadruplet mother’s declaration that she wants to have more children

A mother who already has five children has expressed her desire to have additional children.

Dirvin Joseph recently gave birth to a batch of quadruplets, bringing her total number of children to four in one go.

When Dirvin indicated she wanted to add more children if resources allowed it, she sparked outrage online.

If they are blessed with four children at once, many women will retire and hang up their reproductive boots. But not Dirvin Joseph, who says she wants to expand her family beyond the five children she already has.

Before she was blessed with the set of quadruplets, Dirvin already had a child, who is now the big sister. She also has a cousin’s child, who is roughly the same age as her quadruplets, and the four of them live together.

Reactions as Mother of Quadruplets Says She Wants to Have More Children
Dirvin Joseph with her children.

When the tale was posted by BBC News Africa, some social media users questioned her desire to have more children.

Dirvin, on the other hand, says she would only have more children if her finances allowed it. In her own words:

“It’s a set of quadruplets. However, we now have a relative who is three months older than they are. They’ve matured together and are now inseparable. I could tell them apart by the time they were 3 to 4 months old. However, I was unable to do so while they were newborns. The hospital issued them with identification tags. The most difficult aspect of raising quadruplets is the financial aspect. Yes, it is a boon, but it comes at a high price. If I had the financial means, I believe I would want to have more children.”

Take a look at the video below:

Quadruplets are born to a Nigerian lady.

In a related occurrence, earlier revealed that after 16 years of waiting, a Nigerian mother gave birth to quadruplets.

After a long wait, Chinyere Nwokike and her husband were blessed with four children all at once.

The happy news came from Onitsha, Anambra state, where the woman had two males and two females.

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