This Is Now Your Home: Davido Ends the Year With Royal Blessings During a Visit to the Niger-Delta Region

Davido, a popular Nigerian singer, is well-liked and respected both at home and abroad.

The singer recently paid a visit to Nigeria’s Niger-Delta region, where he met with powerful chiefs who welcomed him with open arms.

The elders prayed for the singer, praised him, and wished him great success in his future endeavors.

There’s no better way to begin or end the year than with prayers, and Davido, a Nigerian singer, has done just that.

According to a video posted on the internet, the musician met with some chiefs in the Niger-Delta part of the country, who were ecstatic to see him.

As chiefs pray for Davido, he bows down.

The Chief greeted the singer, noting that their kingdom had become his home and that he will be remembered in his history.

Davido was showered with well-wishes for success, and the Vhief made it clear that the singer was on his way to the top.

Following the barrage of prayers, Davido exited the compound.

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