This Made My Day: Chief Imo, a comic actor, shares an emotional moment in which his mother meets his wife and children in a village.

Longinus Anyaehiechukwu Anokwute, commonly known as Chief Imo, a Nollywood comedy actor, is spending time with his family.

The actor took his children, wife, and some of his crew members to visit his mother in the village, and the joy she expressed was indescribable.

In a heart-warming video that appeared online, the delighted mother danced and sang for excitement upon seeing her kid and grandchildren.

Chief Imo, a popular Nollywood comedian, is spending the holiday season with his family, and fans are loving it.

The actor took members of his nuclear family as well as some team members to the village to pay their respects to his devoted mother.

Actor Chief Imo visits the village with his family.

The delighted grandma danced and sang happily for the children as she shared her delight at seeing her grandchildren.

The star showered money on his dancing mother and stated that seeing her happy made his day. He explained:

“Mama’s joy at seeing my family and crew brightened my day.”

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