When you get to village, don’t be forming, just be local: Kanayo O Kanayo declares as he drinks soup from a plate.

Kanayo O Kanayo, a veteran Nollywood actor, is mingling with his community members in the hamlet.

The actor advised individuals returning to villages from cities to put their pride aside and enjoy the local culture.

The movie actor drank his soup from the dish in a hilarious video he posted with his community, and Nigerians have reacted to the post

Kanayo O Kanayo, a popular Nollywood actor, has offered some advice to individuals who visit their communities and behave like big men.

As he drank his soup straight from the dish in a gorgeous video the actor published on his Instagram page, he called on Abuja and Lagos residents to appreciate rural life.

Kanayo O Kanayo takes a spoonful of soup off the platter.

He illustrated how the residents of the area used to eat their soup:

“When we arrive to the village, this is how we drink soup in our community; don’t tell me you’re a Lagos or Abuja big boy; we lick soup off the dish.”

Take a look at the video below:

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