7 Best Asoebi Looks by Gorgeous Fashionistas from the Weekend

Ladies dressed up for several owambe events over the weekend, looking their finest in various asoebi styles and Legit. Some of the better looks are highlighted by ng.

Attending a wedding is one thing; attending one in grand style while murdering one’s looks is quite another.

The ladies slayed in their own unique ways.

Several belles wore various asoebi looks over the weekend, with many of them being black or pink.

gidiandmimi highlights some of the top looks in this article.

Take a look at the following:

1st Look

Look at number two.

Purple is the color of royalty, and this stunning lady was definitely serving up looks in this stunning gown. The tulle detail is really stunning!

3rd Look

It’s impossible to exaggerate the force of stark and black. This lovely lady wore a dress with a corset bodice and an illusion neckline.

Look at number four.

What a collection of structural pieces! When she chose this exquisite style, this asoebi slayer was clearly serious. While the dress is flawless, the sleeves are positively bursting with vitality!

Look at number 5

This is the style for you if you want to show off what your mama (or the doctor) gave you. The appearance is not only understated but also exquisite.

Look at number six.

Nadia Buari, a Ghanaian actress, wore a sleeveless black dress that was dripping with style goals. A tulle train adorned the high-leg gown.

Look at number seven.

The other guests were clearly perplexed by the bride’s asoke appearance. The pink ensemble is quite elegant!

Pregnant woman looks stunning in an asoebi dress.

Pregnancy isn’t always a bed of roses, as women are typically subjected to a great deal of emotional and physical strain. The last thing on most women’s minds during this time is their appearance.

As it turns out, not all women put fashion on the back burner, and recent images of a pregnant woman are proof of that.

The stunning photographs were uploaded on Instagram by gidiandmimi styles and show the pregnant mother wearing a flowery lace dress with an illusion neckline.

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