He Asked Me to Hold His Bag: A Nigerian Man Explains How Courtesy Landed Him a Management Position Without an Interview

Praise Ohanwe, a Nigerian, has described how being kind won him a managerial position without an interview.

Praise described how, after submitting multiple job applications, he was offered an interview for a role.

The young man arrived late for the interview and had an interaction with a man who was not properly dressed, only to realize later that the man was the ‘all-in-all’ of the establishment.

People should rethink and train themselves to be respectful to others, no matter how unattractive their appearance may be, according to a Nigerian man.

Praise Ohanwe made this statement when sharing on LinkedIn how, because to simple courtesy, he was able to get a managerial job in 2019 without having to go through an interview.

He treated a man with courtesy. Photographer:

He had a run-in with a man who wasn’t particularly well-dressed.

Praise, who had applied for several jobs at the time, was relieved to be called in for an interview at a time when he sorely needed to find work.

He arrived late for an unexplained reason at the interview location and was making his way into the firm from the parking lot when he noticed another man stumbling to the door.

He said that the man’s attire was unimpressive. He described the man’s attire as follows:

“In his loose slacks, brown shirt, and black sandals, he didn’t appear spectacular.”

He welcomed the man out of respect, but the man invited him to assist him in carrying his suitcase because they were both heading in the same route.

On second thought, Praise said he hesitated before helping the man carry his bag because he was already late for the interview.

They split off, with the male exiting through a different door.

He learned the corporation was owned by a man.

He was called in for his interview after nearly two hours of waiting.

To his amazement, the man he had assisted at the parking lot was the company’s owner. The boss complimented him right away and offered the job seeker a position on his management team.

As he puts it:

“After giving me a long look, he complimented me and offered me a position on the management team.”

As he spoke to me from the depths of his heart, what was supposed to be an interview turned into a free mentorship session.

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