After a DNA test revealed that he is the son of the previous owner, a poor man inherits a N24.8 billion estate and vows not to work for the rest of his life.

After inheriting the N24.8 billion Penrose Estate in England from its late owner, a young man went from being a poor fellow to a billionaire in an instant.

Jordan Adlard-Rogers, who went by the name Jordan, said he knew the owner of the estate was his father since he was eight years old, but that he had tried unsuccessfully to get a DNA test done.

He would finish it shortly after the man’s death and now sits on a fortune that includes a life salary, which means he will never have to work again in his life.

After inheriting a $60 million (N24.8 billion) estate in England, a poor young man would never need to work again in his life.

According to BBC News, a struggling Jordan Adlard-Rogers became the sole owner of Penrose Estate after a DNA test revealed that he is the biological son of the estate’s late owner, Charles Rogers.

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While the man was still alive, the young man attempted a DNA test several times.

Jordan, who worked as a care worker before becoming wealthy, is said to have tried several times to get a DNA test because he had always assumed Charles was his father since he was eight years old.

His attempts to obtain a DNA test were never successful until the billionaire’s death for unclear reasons.

His father’s death

Charles Rogers, a lieutenant commander in the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom, died from a heroin substitute overdose.

Jordan’s father, according to BBC News, spent 40 years as a heroin addict and was in reclusion before passing away in 2018.

Jordan completed the DNA test in 2019, despite significant family opposition.

Jordan also inherited the Rogers Family Trust Fund, which pays him a weekly allowance of $404 to $1,348 (N167,086 to N557,505), similar to a lifetime salary, according to Timeless Life.

“I’ve worried about the next payment and had a difficult start in life, but now that I’m here, I want to help people.” The young man told Cornwall Live, “I’m not going to forget where I came from.”

The estate makes money by investing in stocks and shares and renting out some of its property to local farmers.

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