Burna Boy on Gaining Notoriety in the United States: “I Performed From the Smallest to the Largest Venues”

Burna Boy, a Nigerian singer, has stated that achieving global recognition requires a lot of effort and hard work.

The Grammy-winning performer recalled performing in the tiniest to the largest venues in the United States on CNN’s African Voices.

Burna Boy also stated that he appreciates the process since it allows him to share more stories.

Burna Boy, a Nigerian singer, has revealed that he did not become a global superstar by chance, but rather through a lot of hard work and dedication.

On CNN’s African Voices, the Grammy-winning musician spoke about his climb to the top of the worldwide music industry.

Burna Boy: I performed from the smallest to biggest venues
Burna Boy discusses his rise to fame in the United States.

Burna Boy remarked that in order to get notoriety in the United States, he had to perform in the country’s smallest to largest venues, and that there was no way around it.

He stated, “

I’ve visited almost every tourist attraction in the United States. Do you get it? I don’t believe there is any venue where you wouldn’t see my name mentioned. That applies to every location that matters… From the tiniest to the largest, you know.

The Twice as Tall singer went on to compare his experience to that of someone who has planted something and knows that he would enjoy the benefits of his labors in the future.

Burna Boy also shared his delight at how his peers are following in his footsteps.

Here’s a video of him speaking:

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