In a viral video, a lady spoils her husband by buying him a new phone, while a man opens his teeth like a child.

After purchasing a new phone for her spouse, a young lady has given a large smile on his face.

The young man grinned broadly as he pounded on his desk, anticipating the wrapped object.

Many people on social media have stated that women enjoy “spoiling” their guys when they are really faithful to them.

A young lady with the handle gidiandmimi took to social media to post a video and photographs of how she cared for her husband.

The woman stated, quoting photos of the man posing with his new Google Pixel 6,

“Whatever my spouse desires, he receives.” ‘

The man couldn’t take his eyes off the gift.

He was overjoyed.

A video depicts the man’s uncontrollable smile after receiving the present. Before he got the present, he made a drumroll on his desk.

The video’s caption was written by the woman:

“Rare footage from when I acquired the one item he won’t stop talking about,” says the narrator. Look at how he’s shrieking like a jerk.”

Take a look at the video below (swipe):

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