Since Burna Boy pushed me off stage, I’ve been wearing the same shirt, Young Man Cries Out, Seeks Singer’s Help

A young Nigerian man who had a brief contact with Burna Boy has appealed for assistance on social media.

Idris, a young man who identified himself as such, stated that he has been wearing the same clothing since Burna shoved him off the platform.

Idris said he only approached Burna on stage because he needed his help, and he asked Nigerians to help him connect with the Grammy-winning musician.

Idris, a young man from Nigeria, has appealed to Nigerians in the online community to help him connect with Grammy-winning musician Burna Boy.

Idris identified himself as the young man who was thrown off the stage by Burna a few weeks ago in a video that went viral on social media.

I've been wearing the same shirt since Burna Boy pushed me off stage, young man cries out
A young man calls out and asks Burna Boy for assistance.

Remember that gidiandmimi reported on a viral video in which Burna Boy threw a fan off the stage and appealed with audience members to stop interfering with his performance.

In his latest video, Idris stated that he only grabbed the singer because he needed his help and has been a long-time fan.

The young man indicated that he is a gifted musician who has received no assistance from anyone. He also stated that he had been wearing the same clothing since the day he had the aforementioned altercation with Burna Boy.

He appealed to Nigerians to come to his aid and connect him with the singer.

Below is a link to a video that was found online:

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