So the Gods Are Watching BBNaija: Nigerians React As Masquerade Recognizes Prince and Calls His Name in Hilarious Video

BB Prince Nelson Enwerem, star of Naija Lockdown, has uploaded a video that has Nigerians talking on social media.

The attractive reality star was seen in a car with a friend, who appeared to be running errands.

Nelson’s film also had some masquerades, one of whom came to stand in front of his automobile.

BB Nigerian celebrity When Prince was driving throughout town, he came across a street lined with masquerades. He had no idea it was masquerade day, according to the reality personality.

Later, a masquerade was seen standing in front of the Prince’s car. He quickly stepped to the side to speak with the reality star.

BBNaija Prince
BB A masquerade offers prayers to the Naija Prince.

The masquerade was overheard speaking in the local dialect, and Prince replied with an amen.

It’s unclear what the masked figure said to make the reality star giggle. A man sitting next to Prince was also heard giggling.

Even the gods, according to Prince, recognize him.

To see the video, swipe left:

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