RMD Responds to Critics on Why His Wife Took a Back Seat in Building Their House RMD Addresses Critics on Why His Wife Took a Back Seat in Building Their Home

Richard Mofe Damijo, a top Nollywood actor, has had Nigerians talking after sharing a post commemorating his 21st wedding anniversary.

Many people criticized him because they believed his wife had made the ultimate sacrifice by sacrificing her goals in order to create their home.

The actor responded appropriately to some of the queries posed in the post on social media.

Richard Mofe Damijo, a veteran of Nollywood, has decided to clear up some misconceptions surrounding his upcoming 21st wedding anniversary post in December 2021.

While praising his wife, the actor mentioned that she gave up her celebrity to help build their home, which enraged a lot of people.

RMD claims that his wife has not given up on her aspirations. Image credit:

RMD responds to supporters.

RMD shared some of the responses he received in response to the anniversary post in a video on his Instagram page.

The actor revealed that his wife made the decision to give up her celebrity before they married because she did not want to be in the spotlight.

When asked if she had given up her aspirations, he said that she had simply given up her celebrity and now ran a profitable corporate firm.

When questioned if this meant that two stars couldn’t run a home together, RMD responded that it was conceivable, but his wife made the decision entirely on her own, and he merely backed her up.

Check out the video below:

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