Sapa Well Done: Hilarious Reactions When a Man Gets a $100 Bill While the Bride Is Sprayed on the Dancefloor

People have been laughing and sharing their thoughts on social media after seeing a video of a man during a wedding ceremony.

As a bunch of men sprayed her money, one of them tossed dollar bills into the air, the bride danced away.

However, in the midst of the money drama, a man grabbed behind the dancing bride and snatched a $100 bill.

A man made a statement at her wedding by picking up one of the foreign notes being spent on her while a happy bride was dancing away.

The bride was dancing in the midst of some elderly men spraying her money in the video that has gone viral on social media.

As a man sprays her with foreign money, the bride dances away.

A man in particular stood out as he rained $100 bills on the dancing bride. One of the individuals in the area snatched one of the notes, but then appeared to drop it.

Check out the video below:

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