Davido calls out politicians who are attempting to sabotage his career and challenges them to come and arrest him at the O2 Arena.

Davido, a popular Nigerian singer, has taken to social media to express his displeasure with one of his favorite politicians.

The musician stated that the unnamed politician he admires is attempting to destabilize the situation.

Following a warning from a fan on Twitter, Davido challenged the politician to come and arrest him at the O2.

Davido, a popular Nigerian singer, has now pointed fingers online at a politician he claimed to admire in the past.

Taking to Twitter, the musician stated that an unnamed politician whom he adores is attempting to destabilize things.

Davido criticizes politicians.

This does not appear to be unrelated to the singer’s uncle, Ademola Adeleke, who is running for governor of Osun.

Davido also stated in the tweet that with God, anything is possible.

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