In Ogun, a man accused of killing a herdsman claims self-defense.

Saheed Ogundahun, 39, has been detained by police in Ogun State for killing a herder and burying him in the forest.

On March 12, a Beninese from Ogundahun, Nigeria, allegedly shot the herder, Zanda Abu, to death during an argument after he saw the deceased grazing cows on his farm.

In a news conference, state Commissioner of Police Lanre Bankole said that one Alhaji Bature Umar reported to Ewekoro Division on March 13 that Abu had left Afowowa area with several cows for grazing the day before and had not returned.

The complainant went on to say that he received information that a gunshot had been heard from the direction Abu went for grazing, creating concerns that something bad had occurred to him.

This led the Division’s Divisional Police Officer in Charge and his troops to search the bush for the missing individual, but they were unsuccessful.

However, intelligence led to the arrest of Ogundahun, who admitted to shooting Abu and burying him in the bush after being interrogated.

CP Bankole added, “He has escorted cops to where he buried the dead, and the corpse has been unearthed and taken to the General Hospital, Ifo mortuary for examination.”

“I went to the farm in the morning, came home about 3 p.m. to eat, and then went back around 5 p.m.,” he explained.

On my way back, I encountered a female who informed me that my farm had some cows. When I arrived at the farm, I noticed a man herding cows to the farm and requested him to leave, but he refused.

“After three requests to quit, he pulled out a cutlass. I inquired as to why he intended to use the cutlass, but was told not to approach him since I might be hurt.

“Eventually, I pushed him to leave the farm, and as he walked away, he crossed to the opposite side of the road and waited, threatening me to approach. When I did, he raised the cutlass, causing everyone in the vicinity to back up. I accidentally shot him in the head, but I’ve since realized my error.”

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