M.I. Abaga: My Next Album Could Win a Grammy

M.I Abaga, a well-known Nigerian rapper and record producer who recently got engaged, has stated that his next album may win him a Grammy.

M.I Abaga made the announcement while stating that he is ready to devote his time to music.

M.I. claims that now that he has announced his engagement, he is ready to focus on recording songs.

M.I recently revealed the identify of his new lover while announcing his wedding plans.
He thanked his followers for sticking with him despite the fact that he hadn’t released music in a long time.

“And now that that is all over, my music is coming shortly,” he tweeted.

“Now that I’m able to focus, I’ll be able to properly release this album since it’s a classic.” It’s possible that he’ll win a Grammy. “Thank you for your patience.”

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