Tonto Dikeh Pours Her Heart Out On Lies And Betrayal: “My Heart Is Too Damaged And Hardened”

Tonto Dikeh, the controversial Nollywood star, isn’t done raving on social media, as she lambasted those who advised her to keep quiet.

Prince Kpokpogri, the actress who has been embroiled in a social media feud with her ex-boyfriend, has vowed that she will not be romantically involved with any man.

Tonto made the announcement on Instagram in response to some of her followers’ concerns that her recent online antics are frightening men away.

She stood firm in her refusal to back down, vowing never to date again.

Her heart, she claims, is too scarred and hardened to be in a relationship.

However, she noted that love and falsehoods kept her in her former relationship, and treachery drove them to their current situation.

“Someone claimed I’m scaring men away, sister, do you think I want a man after everything I’ve been through?” If this occurs, it will be the icing on the cake since MY HEART IS TOO HARDENED AND DAMAGED TO EVER FEEL THE NEED FOR A RELATIONSHIP…. However, cruising is permitted.”

‘She dey miss d prick,’ is the funniest remark I’ve seen today. Even the owner knows there’s nothing down there, so this is hilarious. I was kept there by love and lies. “It was betrayal that brought us here!” Tonto Dikeh penned the piece.


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