Chioma Toplis explains why she will not attend her father’s funeral when he passes away.

Chioma Toplis, a Nollywood actress, has spoken out against domestic abuse on Instagram, calling out her “abusive father.”

The Nollywood actress, who has stated that she will not attend her father’s funeral when he passes away, claims that she grew up with an abusive father and that her mother is the “winner” for surviving.

Chioma, who has three children and is married to a white guy, posted on Instagram:

“I was under the impression that we were the only ones with a U$ELE$$ father. He is also a member of the church’s Elders.

“We’re in the same situation; my mother left my father for a variety of reasons, including laziness, sloppiness, cheating, senselessness, folly, and beating, to name a few.

“Do you know what I’m talking about? She is the WINNER for surviving the ordeal.

“I used to wonder why my mum married such an AWFUL man when I was a kid.

“I won’t even go to his funeral if I’m in Nigeria, let alone mourn.” The most intriguing aspect is that none of my siblings will. Except for my brother, the first son, who was born in accordance with native and customary law.

“He will definitely die before us because he was born before us!”

“N/B, his funeral will be nothing to brag about. Simply open the ground and toss him in next our garden in the corner of our house. That is, without a doubt, where he belongs!

“Of course he already knows!”

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