Her Husband Used To Lock Her Out, And She Always Appeared Scared – Neighbors Share Their Thoughts On Late Osinachi’s Marital Struggles.

There have been reports that Osinachi Nwachukwu’s husband, who also serves as her manager, was physically abusive to her since her death.

Some of these stories went on to say that her sickness was exacerbated by her husband’s “continuous beating and cruelty.”

In response to the outcry over Osinachi’s death, Mama Sarah, the family’s housekeeper, told The Cable newspaper that she has been working for the family for about a year, but only comes to help with chores three times a week.

Mama Sarah said that anytime she sees the couple fighting, Osinachi gets dressed, leaves the house, and goes to church.

One of the neighbors told the newspaper that she constantly hears Osinachi shouting and her husband addressing her with unpleasant terms.

She reported that their quarrels were so frequent that she began to wonder if the husband was really a pastor, as he claimed.

Another neighbor, from whom Osinachi buys stockfish, said the singer appeared “depressed, tense, and afraid” the few times she saw and spoke with her.

Musa, a gateman at the building behind Osinachi’s residence, said the pair frequently fought and that he had to scale the house’s fence on numerous times to unlock the singer’s gate when her husband locked her out.

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