NIN: The Federal Government Reveals Its Next Move Against Barred SIM Cards.

What users of SIM cards not linked to National Identity Numbers (NINs) should expect next has been revealed by the Federal Government.

Those who were subjected to a ban on outgoing calls last week for failing to complete the NIN-SIM exercise will not be let off the hook anytime soon, according to the federal government.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) said in a statement on Tuesday that the lines of those who have been prohibited will not be unlocked until their owners complete their NIN-SIM integration.

NIN: Service providers have been told to ease the ban on unlinked SIMs making outgoing calls.
Buhari’s government faces a lawsuit for barring 72 million Nigerians, according to NIN-Sim.

NIN: We’ll abide by the FG’s rule prohibiting unlinked SIMs from making calls– Telcos
“The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) wishes to officially inform telecoms consumers whose Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards have been blocked from making calls that the affected SIMs will not be unblocked by service providers until they are linked with the SIM holders’ National Identification Numbers (NINs),” the statement said.

The information was needed, according to NCC, since a viral online link ( was spreading on social media and on some websites.

The link and accompanying narrative, according to the commission, contained patent misinformation and disinformation clearly intended to mislead the general public about SIM cards that were barred from making calls due to non-linkage with NIN by the deadline.

“The deceptive, viral message ostensibly assures members of the public that by accessing the online link and following subsequent steps in that regard, subscribers with blocked SIM cards can unbar such SIMs across mobile networks without a valid NIN,” it stated.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the NCC wishes to say explicitly that it has never issued such a statement, directing or implying that subscribers can unbar their SIM without a NIN.” As a result, the message’s originators and peddlers were out to deceive unwary members of the public, and the message should be ignored in its entirety.”

Meanwhile, the NCC has advised subscribers who have not yet registered for their NINs to get their SIM cards registered at approved centers across the country and then link their NINs to their SIM cards using channels given by their service providers.

“As a result, the NCC takes this opportunity to reiterate its commitment to the Federal Government’s directive on the NIN-SIM link to, among other things, strengthen the security situation in the country, assist in other government socio-economic planning activities, and always advance the course of consumer protection from falling victim to the antics of cyber fraudsters,” it continued.

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