Osinachi’s husband allegedly forced their children to hit and stomp on her, according to her lawyer.

Honey G. Evarist, a Nigerian lawyer, has disclosed the harsh and degrading treatment that late singer Osinachi Nwachukwu received from her husband, Peter Nwachukwu.

Last week, the well-known gospel singer was said to have “joined the saints.” According to the report, she died of cancer, however her family, close friends, and colleagues allege she died as a result of her husband’s domestic abuse.

Some also detailed how her husband had turned the late gospel singer into a punching bag, putting her in the hospital several times before she finally passed away.

During the dispute, Evarist, a legal practitioner who claimed to be living with Osinachi’s husband and their four children at the Police Command in Abuja, revealed that the guy held the singer down and forced her children to hit and trample on her.

According to her, the female police were enraged by this.

She expressed herself as follows:

“I’m in Police Command (FCT) with Osinachi’s killer husband and their four children.

Do you know how this man restrains the singer and forces the youngsters to tread on her and hit her?

“The female officers here are absolutely furious.”

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