Ticket Sales, MC Oluomo’s Boys, and Tricycle Members Clash Over Park.

Members of the Tricycle Owners and Operators Association of Nigeria clashed with suspected loyalists of Lagos State Parks and Garages Committee Chairman Musiliu Akinsanya, aka MC Oluomo, in the Agege region of the state.

The fight was claimed to have erupted over park control and ticket sales at TOOAN-controlled TOOAN-controlled TOOAN-controlled TOOAN-controlled TOOAN-controlled TOOAN-controlled TOOAN-controlled TOOAN-controlled TOOAN-controlled TOOAN-controlled.

Members of TOOAN were reportedly working at their separate branches when suspected MC Oluomo loyalists attacked the parks in an attempt to expel them, resulting in a clash.

The Chairman, TOOAN, Branch J, Agege, Opeyemi Taiwo, told PUNCH that the incident began at 7.30 a.m., and that her members were injured and property was destroyed.

“We had heard that MC Oluomo’s boys were going to attack and take over our parks,” she explained, “and we reported it to the Pen Cinema and Iju police stations, as well as the Area G Police Command.”

“They work for autos, while we work for TOOAN and specialize in tricycle operations.” We had expected them to invite the chairmen to a discussion, but they did not. They arrived with about a hundred hoodlums armed with firearms, cutlasses, and bottles, and they immediately began attacking us.

“We needed to find a way out, but some of our unfortunate members were injured and sent to hospitals.” The thugs even set fire to a tricycle and urged us to leave our parks since they were now in command of parks and garages.”

While criticizing the invasion, TOOAN state chairman Azeez Abiola, aka Istijabah, stated MC Oluomo’s boys had taken over the parks managed by TOOAN in the impacted areas, and that he had instructed his people to quit the parks to avoid unnecessary fatalities.

“On Saturday, when MC Oluomo arrived to have a meeting with a monarch in the region, we observed indications of his attempt to take over the parks,” he added. During the meeting, he said that on Monday, he would take over parks in Ojoko and Ifako.

“We have it on good authority that the monarch handed MC Oluomo the names of his sons to include in the list of people who would be in control when our parks were taken over. We had heard rumors that MC Oluomo was on his way to stir havoc, and this morning, his thugs arrived on motorcycles and fired, assaulted, and took over our parks.

“One of our team members was hurt. They gathered a total of seven parks. Nothing will be done, MC Oluomo assured; he is the one who will take over TOOAN-controlled parks and collect money from ticket sales.

“TooAN has been operating in the state since NURTW was suspended, and we are not under the Lagos State Parks and Garages Committee, thus the government should intercede on our behalf so he may rest.”

Jimoh Buari, a spokesperson for Akinsanya, claimed his boss’ visit to the monarch had nothing to do with the state’s control of parks and garages.

“Is a monarch the ideal person to visit if they want to take over garages?” he asked. The king has no authority over garages and can never give them permission to take them over. MC Oluomo simply paid the king a courtesy visit, and he has nowhere to go; if his boys are in the neighborhood, they will keep an eye on him.

“The government has already stated its intentions for the state. We are not the perpetrators of the act.”

Benjamin Hundeyin, the state Police Public Relations Officer, claimed no one was killed in the altercation and that no suspects were apprehended.

“Hooded miscreants obstructing vehicular movement at Iju-Fagba fled to their heels when they saw RRS patrol units deploying to supplement the efforts of police officers from neighboring divisions,” he said.

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