Inside Ibadan Barracks, a 16-year-old daughter of a police inspector goes missing.

Blessing Patrick, a 16-year-old girl, has gone missing after returning from school inside the Sango Police Barracks in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State.

The girl from Senior Secondary School 3 was last seen in early April, according to the New Telegraph.

“Blessing returned from school and left her suitcase inside her parent’s apartment in the barracks,” the person stated.

“Her father is a police inspector, but no one has seen her since she was last seen after school.”

“Her mother and father have been paying money to pastors and spiritualists in the hopes of finding her, but they have been unsuccessful.”

“I’ve been really sick and very scared,” the missing teenager’s mother, simply named as Mummy Blessing, said.

“I have no idea where to look for her.”

“I went to all of her friends’ houses to look for her, but she is nowhere to be seen.”

“We’ve phoned her phone, and it occasionally rings, but she doesn’t answer.”

“Occasionally, the phone does not ring.

“I reported her missing to the Sango police, who took her name and phone number and urged me to come back, but nothing has been done since to find her.”

“I proceeded to visit the Oyo State Commissioner of Police, who directed me to return to the Sango Police Station.”

“I’ve been sobbing because I don’t know where my daughter is.”

“We spent money to track her down, and I’m broke right now as we speak.”

“I can’t seem to focus on anything.”

“I’m like a lunatic.”

“It’s like though I’m a living corpse.”

“I’m not sure what I’m doing anymore.”

“I need the government to assist me in finding my daughter.”

“I don’t want anything horrible to happen to her,” says the narrator.

“She was meant to be studying for her SSSCE exams, and we paid for it, but she hasn’t shown up.”

“I’m unable to eat or sleep.”

“Every second, I’m passing out.”

“I’m in desperate need of assistance.”

“I’m appealing to the Inspector General of Police, human rights advocates, Governor Seyi Makinde, and President Muhammadu Buhari to come to my aid in the search for my daughter.”

When informed about the missing girl, Ngozi Onadeko, the Oyo State Commissioner of Police, said: “The father of this daughter is an Inspector of Police, and he should know what to do.”

“The cops aren’t magicians.”

“The individual who is watching her phone number will collect money, and you will claim that the cops are requesting money.”

“The cops aren’t magicians.”

“She needs to return to the Sango Police Station and inform them that she has come to see me.”

“As a journalist, you can also assist us in making the public aware of her disappearance.”

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