Liquorose’s Relationship With Emmanuel Is In Crisis Again, According To Shippers

Former BBNaija housemates Emmanuel and Liquorose may have dissolved their romance, according to reports.

After Emmanuel was strangely absent when friends and admirers awarded Liquorose multiple gifts on her 27th birthday, the reality stars hinted at a possible breakup.

Emmanuel was also absent from her birthday celebrations. He didn’t mention her on any of his social media profiles.

On Tuesday, April 12th, 2022, everything changed dramatically. EmmaRose shippers, Emmanuel and Liquorose’s supporters, have posted a screenshot of their decision. The fact that the two had called it quits influenced their decision.

In the screenshot which has now gone viral, their fans had actually raised millions of naira for them. Due to the unfortunate course of circumstances, these millions of naira have not been delivered to them.

“Unfortunately, due to back and forth that has been going on for weeks now,” the statement said. We admire our favorites, but we also respect every single person who put in the effort out of love to make this a success.”

The money earned would have to be split in half, according to EmmaRose shippers. The entire amount raised was approximately $19.7 million.


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