The family of Osinachi’s husband makes shocking revelations about the singer’s death.

The family of Peter Nwachukwu, the late gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu’s spouse, has issued a statement regarding their sister-in-death. law’s

Nwachukwu’s elder brother, Richard Okekenwa, disclosed that Peter Nwachukwu’s real name is Peter Echijekwu Okekenwa in an interview with BBC Pidgin.

Richard revealed that Peter was not present during their father’s funeral. He also disclosed that Peter avoided his father-in-funeral law’s by turning a blind eye to it.

“He doesn’t bother to call me.” “I have nothing to do with him,” he explained to BBC Pidgin.

He said he found out about Osinachi’s death through a phone call from his children in the middle of the night, and he cried for her but not for Nwachukwu.

Furthermore, he stated that Peter Nwachukwu has not phoned him to inform him of his wife’s death until now.

Richard Okekenwa’s wife also stated during the interview that the last time she saw Nwachukwu was when he married. Her spouse was present when she phoned Osinachi on the phone, so the singer was unable to speak freely.

Okekenwa’s widow stated that despite Osinachi’s 15-year marriage to Nwachukwu, she did not see the singer till her death.

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