K1 D Ultimate Speaks Out After Reports Of His New Wife, Emmanuella Ropo, Slapping Him For Infidelity.

Wasiu Ayinde, also known as Kwam 1, the Nigerian Fuji musician, has reacted to rumors that he is currently at odds with his new wife, Emmanuella Ropo Marshal, after she allegedly smacked him for cheating on her.

In a press statement made by his publicist, the musician addressed the rumors.

According to Kunle Rasheed,

“The K1 Organization’s attention has been called to a crazy allegation being circulated by an anonymous blogger.

“During the said dispute, the said blogger went on social media to report that Fuji king and Mayegun of Yorubaland, K1 de Ultimate, had quarreled with his new wife Emmanuella Ropo Marshal, and that the lady had even smacked the fuji king.”

“The anonymous blogger also said that Ropo Marshal follows the fuji maestro to his official engagements and distracts the fuji lord.”

“Normally, we would not have bothered to speak with this blatant liar who picks the holy month of Ramadan to spread heinous lies.

“All we want to say is that the Mayegun never had a disagreement with his wife Ropo to the point where she raised her hands against him.” We are astounded that such a charge can be leveled so carelessly.

“We further report that Mrs. Emmanuella Ropo Marshal is preoccupied with her wifely responsibilities and is unable to accompany the Fuji lord to his official activities.” She has only recently attended one party with her husband, which was hosted in GRA Ikeja, Lagos, to honor the 60th birthday of a prominent society buff who is a common acquaintance of the couple.

We’ll go ahead and declare that this accusation is harmful, and we’re even more concerned that it could be spread during Ramadan. Allow the bad peddlers to repent and seek forgiveness from Allah.”


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