Dancer Kaffy assigns blame and reveals that her children are students at the troubled school.

The parents of a female student at Chrisland Schools who was allegedly gang-raped by her classmates have been criticized by dancer Kaffy.

Kaffy, who joined other celebrities in expressing their views on the issue, has assigned culpability to various parties.

In an Instagram post, Kaffy stated that while the school should be held accountable for the behavior of the students, the parents bear a greater part of responsibility.

The dancer, whose children attend the school, praised the authorities for shutting it down. She wrote in the caption to the lengthy post:

“Hmmmm….. this is depressing!” Not just the parents (who bear the brunt of the burden), but also the educational systems and their child safety measures, have disappointed me greatly. As you can see, from DOWEN until now, we must recognize that no one will take better care of our children and no one is more responsible than the parents.

I agree that the school where my children attend should close, but it’s better that I raise them at home than in a place that isn’t equipped to do their homework.

I’ve previously held a camp and never allowed any room to be without a chaperone, security personnel were stationed in the hotel hallways, and there were a slew of additional procedures in place. Being strict as a teacher isn’t enough; numerous measures must be implemented. It’s your line of work, and it necessitates such meticulous attention to detail. “I’m perplexed.”

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