In Katsina State, the NDLEA takes its anti-drugs campaign to mosques.

On Monday, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) brought its anti-drug abuse campaign to mosques in Katsina State, where Muslims were hearing Islamic lectures and ready to break the day’s Ramadan fast.

Mr Mohammed Bashir, the agency’s state commander, and his entourage visited the Abubakar Sadiq Juma’at mosque in Filin Samji and the Rafukka Juma’at mosque in Kofar Sauri, both in the state capital.

The daily Ramadan lectures bring together Muslims to hear interpretations and explanations of the Holy Qur’an.

Bashir said the campaign sought to educate parents and teenagers about the dangers of illegal drug and hard substance use during a speech at the Rafukka Juma’at mosque.

“The reason for taking the campaign to sites where Ramadan lectures are held is that parents and youths attend,” he explained.

He went on to say that the move will aid in informing parents about the steps that should be done with their children to prevent them from using heavy drugs.

Youths will also be educated about the hazards of drug addiction and the consequences, according to Bashir.

“Religious, traditional, and community leaders, as well as parents, can play an important role in assisting the federal government in combating the threat.

“Nobody can engage in selling or illegally using drugs in their communities if those leaders listed above can put all hands on deck,” he stressed.

Bashir urged parents to do all humanly necessary to prevent their children from engaging in drug misuse and urged Islamic scholars to continue to use their sermons to educate the people about the obvious risks of drug abuse.

Sheikh Husamat Katsina, the Imam of Rafukka Juma’at mosque, responded by saying that such an initiative was a positive development because “the threat impacts everyone.”

He stated that the problem may be solved if all stakeholders banded together to confront the issue.

“It’s become critical for parents and other stakeholders to ensure that adolescents are guided in the proper manner because they are the future leaders,” he said.

The sheikh praised the NDLEA for bringing the campaign to places of worship, particularly during Ramadan daily lectures.

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