Nigerian parents should teach their children about sex education, according to Eva Alordiah.

In the aftermath of the Chrisland school sex scandal, rapper and cum author Eva Alordiah has urged parents to begin sex education with their children at a young age. Eva stated in a tweet thread that because information is now readily available, it is critical for parents to be the ones who teach their children about sex.

Eva Alordiah warned that if parents fail to fulfill their responsibilities, their children will be forced to learn and practice sex education elsewhere.

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Eva Alordiah

Nigerian parents, she said, should stop hiding behind the veil of hypocrisy and religion.

Most Nigerian parents, according to the book’s author, think that preachers who promise damnation as a punishment for immorality will keep their children from becoming curious. She went on to say that the dread of damnation isn’t nearly as strong as the desire for sex, thus sex education should begin as soon as possible.

Read her tweets below:

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