Sex Tape of Minors: During Dubai Trip, No Student Was Raped | Chrisland

Chrisland School’s administration has spoken out about the minors’ sex tape incident involving its kids in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

A WOMAN HAD PREVIOUSLY CLAIMED that her 10-year-old daughter had been suspended after being raped during a trip to Dubai organized by the Lagos school, according to reports in Nigeria.

Between March 10 and 13, 2022, students from a private school in Victoria Garden City were in the UAE to compete in the World School Games.

However, the pupil’s mother alleged in the now-viral video that graphic evidence of the incident had been posted on social media platforms.

Following that, the Lagos state government ordered that all of the school’s branches be closed, as well as a warning to the general public not to circulate the youngsters’ footage.

The school had previously stated that it would publish an official comment on the matter as soon as possible.

Akin Fadeyi, a member of the Chrisland advisory board, responded to the issue by saying that the school took every measure to ensure that the students were not involved in any type of immoral activity.

Fadeyi made a statement denying that any of the students were subjected to rape or pregnancy tests, as has been widely reported.

The statement also refuted claims that the historic sex scandal involved rape.

“We are delighted to inform our stakeholders that no one was raped or had a pregnancy test administered on any youngster while we were in charge,” he stated.

“To be clear, only a COVID post-travel test was performed on the returning delegation of our children at the Life Centre Medical Services on March 21, 2022 at School Hall, Opebi, in accordance with COVID-19 travel norms.”

“As per COVID-19 health protocols, this was a through-the-nose swab test.” We believe that this can be confirmed at the provided source. It is an extremely bad supposition to suggest that a pregnancy test was performed on a student for any purpose.”

According to Fadeyi, 76 students were enlisted for the Dubai trip, with 71 of them adhering to the code of behavior.

Male and female students were kept seven storeys apart in the hotel where they stayed in Dubai, according to the board member.

The remaining five pupils who disobeyed the regulations were subjected to disciplinary punishment, according to Fadeyi.

“In our aim to broaden our students’ perspectives holistically through global exposure, we took a careful look at the number of pupils who participated in this recent trip and who did the school proud,” the statement added.

“[This] considers a balanced development of the intellect, body, and spirit through athletic participation.”

Out of the 76 students who represented Chrisland, 71 maintained an unblemished commitment to our standards, adhering to the established norms and code of behavior while doing us proud.

“We kept our girls on the 11th floor and our boys on the 4th floor inside these 71 to make clear limits that respect moral boundaries.”

“However, we were forced to speak with the parents of the remaining pupils who had sadly been involved in wrongdoing.”

“We meted out measured reprimands to them in accordance with our code of conduct standards, which are widely known to the parents, to inculcate a sense of discipline and as a deterrent to others.”

“It was also to remind our kids of the need of staying on the path of fighting negative influences.”

All of the pupils who went on the trip, according to Fadeyi, would receive psychosocial support.

“We kept our girls on the 11th floor and our boys on the 4th floor inside these 71 to make clear limits that respect moral boundaries.”

“We guarantee the public that our first response as an institution was to adopt parental roles by providing support to people engaged and ensuring that their self-esteem was not harmed,” he added.

“As moms, fathers, and instructors with a relationship that has a direct influence on the development of those engaged, we cannot help but voice how scandalized and distressed we are.”

“While we hasten to emphasize that, as an institution responsible for children from a variety of backgrounds, we cannot claim or engage in any feeling of self-righteousness in our approach.”

“However, we learn and adapt every day within the framework of best practices.”

“We are devoted to re-evaluating our processes in order to strengthen child safety protocols, and we will leave no stone unturned in order to ensure that the children’s senses of self-esteem are unwaveringly safeguarded.”

“We’ve activated child protection procedures and will enlist the help of child psychologists to guarantee that this incident is used to the benefit of the youngsters in our care.”

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