Aisha Buhari Calls For Prayers For Peace In Nigeria During Ramadan

Aisha Buhari, Nigeria’s first lady, has urged Muslims to use the month of Ramadan to increase their prayers for long-term peace and stability in the country.

Buhari made the announcement on Tuesday night at the State House in Abuja, where she received wives of service chiefs and other high government officials for a Ramadan meal.
She claimed that the Almighty God has given Nigerians another chance to re-educate themselves in fasting and prayer in order to ensure the country’s peace and progress.
The first lady also urged Nigerians to share, love, support, forgive, and sacrifice for the sake of humanity and Nigeria.

While thanking Almighty Allah for the opportunity to observe the Ramadan of 2022, Buhari expressed optimism that the month would bring the country plenty of peace and calm.
According to the Nigerian News Agency (NAN), the Ramadan fast is one of Islam’s five pillars, and it allows the Muslim ummah to increase their prayers in humility and fear of God.
Fasting is also used to promote noble characteristics such as sharing, forgiveness, love, peace, and sacrifices for the benefit of mankind and society.
Wives of ministers and other Nigerian women among the dignitaries who attended the ceremony unanimously expressed their gratitude to the first lady for her commitment to Nigeria’s peaceful coexistence.

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