Mechanic explains why he returned N2 million to the owner.

Kesmon Samuel, a mechanic in Yelwa town, Shendam Local Government Area, Plateau State, has described why he returned N2 million he found on his way to his garage.

“I found the money in a black leather wallet when I was walking to the garage,” he explained. I accepted the money and waited in the vicinity, expecting the owner to come around looking for it. If I hadn’t seen the owner, I would have given the money to my garage master, who would have brought it to the mosque for further announcement.

“A few moments later, I noticed someone approaching from the left and right. He was in such a state. I then inquired as to his issue, to which he said that he had lost his money along that path. When I asked how much the money was worth, he responded N2 million. We counted the money and found it to be N2m, so I handed it on to him.

“He slapped me with a N50,000 bill, but I refused to accept it.” Because I don’t know what will happen to me tomorrow, I opted not to gather it. Although I am a Christian, the person who taught me is a Muslim. He taught me not to deceive others.

“My pals used to call me all kinds of names. They verbally abused me after I returned the money. Some even predicted that I would never be wealthy.”

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