My wife detained me so she could continue her adultery, a man tells an Ibadan court.

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Musbau Yekeen, a trader from Mapo, Ibadan, informed a Grade “A” customary court that his estranged wife, Tawakalitu, had him arrested in police custody in order to continue their adultery.

According to Yekeen, he knowingly agreed to his wife’s divorce suit, which sought to end their 12-year marriage due to infidelity and because she had always been an embarrassment to him.

“The main source of friction between Tawakalitu and me has always been her promiscuity, and I’m never convinced by her reasons,” he explained.

“Tawakalitu recently had me arrested and jailed by the police as a result of my regular complaints about her misbehavior.

“While I was in police detention, my brother and friends sent me different information that the same man who was having an unholy romance with her had continued to have an unholy romance with her with reckless abandon.”

“I told her to leave my place right away out of rage.”

“Please, Tawakalitu has my land paperwork; I’d like them back.”

In previous testimony, Tawakalitu stated that she filed the lawsuit in order to avoid a sudden death as a result of her husband’s repeated assaults.

She went on to say that she would swear on the Holy Quran to prove her innocence and that she was not promiscuous on occasion.

“In fact, I moved out of his house when I couldn’t stand Yekeen’s battery any longer,” she explained.

“On top of that, he owes me N90,000.”

“My lord, the man Yekeen complained about is an alfa who simply visits me to keep me company.”

“Yekeen also frequently visits my shop to beat up on my male customers.”

Mrs. S.M. Akintayo, the court’s president, declared the marriage dissolved and gave the petitioner custody of the three children born from the union.

Akintayo ordered the respondent to pay a N15,000 monthly food allowance for the children’s upkeep, and Tawakalitu and Yekeen to share responsibility for the children’s schooling and other welfare while keeping peace and order.

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