Rema gets a response from Unilag after he complains about the ASUU strike delaying his return to school.

Rema has received a reaction to his rants about the ongoing ASUU strike, which has prevented him from returning to school since he was admitted to the University of Lagos (Unilag).

“ASUU, since dem gave me entrance, I neva start school o, e don do nau!” the popular musician had previously tweeted.

Bowen University took advantage of the opportunity to promote their school by tweeting to Rema, saying, “ASUU can’t delay you if you’re enrolled in Bowen University.”

Rema responded by informing Unilag that he is being “toasted” by another school.

“Unilag private university dey toast me o, I’m blushing oh stop it,” he wrote.

“Hmm… Rema dear, UNILAG has selected you o, Hmm… so don’t let anyone come dey change your mind o,” Unilag said. “Rema no dey vex for us o,” says the narrator.

“Awww Unilag, terminate the strike or I’ll go ooo, we want to go back to school, the youths aren’t happy!” Rema answered.

“Baby calm down,” Unilag texted back to Rema.

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