Yvonne Nelson explains why flaunting your relationship online can lead to a breakup.

Why Flaunting Your Relationship Online Will Lead To Break Up —Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson, a Ghanaian film diva, has warned her followers from displaying their romances on social media.
Flaunting one’s relationship, according to the mother-of-one, will shorten its longevity since those who aren’t intended to know about it or get involved will be alerted and drawn to it.

Yvonne Nelson wrote on her official Twitter profile over the weekend that side chicks and rumour mongers will also play a role in ensuring the relationship doesn’t last long.

However, the lovely role interpreter stated that a relationship that is doomed to fail will do so. “My view… a relationship will end if it has to,” she says, “but flaunting it on social media only accelerates the process.”

“All the side girls will come flying about, and the gossip association will meet regularly for your benefit,” she continued. “Have a great weekend, guys.”

Remember that Yvonne Nelson had a publicized relationship with Nigerian artist Iyanya a few years ago, but the relationship ended.

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