Caroline Danjuma is chastised by Linda Ikeji for confronting her sister Laura about their shattered marriage.

Linda Ikeji, a Nigerian media mogul and blogger, has retaliated against actress Caroline Danjuma Hutchins for accusing her of being the cause of her divorce.

NEW Drama erupted in the recent episode of reality show The Real Housewives of Lagos (RHOL), and Laura Ikeji was at the center of it all, as previously reported by WITHIN NIGERIA.

Caroline Danjuma lost her temper and clamped down on Laura in front of other ladies, according to a section of the episode that appeared on social media.

Caroline said in the video that the popular blogger was a big factor in her failing marriage.

Linda Ikeji reacted by sharing screenshots of her blog postings over the years, showing that she never claimed Caroline had a kid with another guy on her blog.

Linda Ikeji admitted to writing about the actress’s age scandal, but she has never been the subject of any unfavorable press.

Caroline isn’t someone the Blogger knows, therefore she doesn’t hold a grudge against her.


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