Ruger Makes An Appeal To ABUAD Girls Ahead Of His Show

Ruger, a fast-rising Nigerian artist, has urged female ABUAD students not to sexually harass him on stage as he prepares to perform at their institution. Prior of his performance, he tweeted:

“I never thought I’d have to do this, but please, ABUAD girls, don’t separate my d#ck from my balls tonight.” I am confident that this can be accomplished. I have faith in you. “Thank you very much.”

Ruger, also known as Mr Dior, was recently involved in a heated argument with a female admirer.
The incident was documented in a video that quickly went popular on social media. In the middle of Ruger’s performance, an obnoxious admirer reached for his manhood and grabbed it improperly.
The video elicited conflicting comments online, with some claiming that the matter would have been handled differently if it had been a male fan vs. a female performer.

The ‘Dior’ crooner had moved closer to the edge of the stage during the performance of his hit song when an infatuated female fan grabbed his private parts; an action that saw the 22-year-old Mavin singer quit the stage with a strong show of disgust etched on his face.

In another video, the woman continued as if nothing had happened and showed no regret for her actions.

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