Abu Abel, a Nigerian music executive, distances himself from cult threats.

Abu Abel

Abel Egbarin, better known as Abu Abel, the Chief Executive Officer of Obimzy Records and Properties in Nigeria, has distanced himself from social media reports linking him to threats against accused cultists in the country.

Earlier this week, allegations circulated on social media that Abu Abel had declared war on some cult members, with some alleging that the music mogul had promised monetary rewards to anyone who could kill a person known as ‘Dolly Pizzle.’

Abu Abel has stepped out to refute that charge and to inform the public that he is a law-abiding citizen, as well as the actions he has done to clear himself of the allegations.

Abu Abel
Abu Abel removes himself from cult threats.

The business mogul expressed his displeasure with the fake news’s efforts to attach his name to such a life-threatening statement.

“Every human life is sacred, I oppose all forms of violence, and I lack the capacity to undertake the functions of security services whose principal mission is to keep the country safe.”

“I advise these misguided people who are tirelessly attempting to put me against some purported cult members to stop from such reckless conduct and find something constructive to do with their time for the good of society.”

“It’s concerning that individuals spreading this slander included my name and said that I promised a prize to anyone who can kill one Dolapo, also known as Dolly Pizzle.” I do, however, advise the public to dismiss the spreading myth because it was not spread by me.

“Furthermore, as a law-abiding and responsible citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I now distance myself from any criminal activity that may develop as a result of my appointment.” As a result, I’ve sent a petition to Abiodun Alabi, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, alerted security agencies, and asked my legal team to take swift legal action to apprehend whoever may be responsible for the post.

“More important than even exonerating myself is for people to know that I am a gentleman of excellent character who would never support a murder or an attack on anyone.” People should not be pushed into committing a crime by the price tag that these wicked culprits have placed to the campaign of defamation.

They should be aware that members of the Nigerian Police Force and other security services are constantly on the lookout for threats.

“I have better things to do with my time because I’m frequently out of the nation for business.”

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