How I Was Attacked Spiritually and Left For Four Years — BBN Boma

Boma Akpore, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, has revealed how he overcame a’spiritual’ attack on his left leg, which left him paralyzed for four years.

During the early hours of morning, Monday, April 25, the reality star-actor revealed his story on his Instagram story.

BBN Boma Akpore

In primary three, Boma claims he suffered a spiritual attack on his left leg, which resulted in a sore that finally immobilized him. Doctors recommended amputating Boma’s leg, but his grandma refused, and he recovered after attending a church for prayers. He expressed himself as follows:

“When I was in Primary 3, I had a spiritual attack on my left leg, which resulted in a persistent ache that eventually rendered me crippled. Doctors urged us to chop the limb because we had visited numerous hospitals with no favorable results. My grandmother was adamant in her refusal.

We began attending crusades and a variety of church events. I was at a church vigil when the pastor said, “There’s someone here with a spiritual sore, and you’re cured in Jesus’ name,” which I claimed with faith. My recovery began 30 minutes later. It took me nearly four years to get back on my feet and learn to walk again. Only a fool would deny the existence of God.Hallelujah, may his name be honored. Thank you, Lord, for your innumerable mercies in my life, in Jesus’ name, amen.”

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