Terrorists in the North East Are Frustrated By The SIM-NIN Linkage — NCC

Terrorists and bandits have been denied access to communications services in Nigeria due to the implementation of the National Identity Number and SIM linking policy.

Ephraim Nwokonanya, Director, Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), represented by Alkasim Umar, Head Compliance, Monitoring and Enforcement, NCC, announced this during a one-day capacity building for members of the Nigerian Information Technology Reporters’ Association (NITRA), Abuja Chapter, at the Commission Headquarters in Abuja on Thursday, April 28.

Umar, who was speaking on the NIN-SIM linkage, the Threat of Network Booster Devices, and other Commission Compliance, Monitoring, and Enforcement issues, stressed that the NIN-SIM linkage policy has made significant progress in addressing rising cases of insurgency, kidnapping, and banditry in the country.

He went on to say that implementing NIN-SIM has been a powerful weapon in tackling the nation’s insecurity issues.

“Yes, we are progressing. The only problem we have now is that if they abduct you, I mean the bandits, they will use your phone number to contact you.They will never use their phones; instead, they will call the kidnapped person’s phone number and promptly turn it off. They have the ability to keep you at a separate location and create you somewhere else. There is no method to track a phone that is turned off. It’s a major undertaking.

Even in the National Assembly, when the idea of banning all kidnap lines was raised, some people opposed, claiming that since they use a human number to make calls, why can’t the Federal Government block terrorists/bandits phone numbers? Then someone spoke up and said that there will be more killings because kidnappers are chasing the victims’ money, and that there is no way to stop it. However, progress has been made because they are no longer denied SIM cards,” he remarked.

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