Yul Edochie: Rita Dominic’s Husband Gives ‘Distinct’ Answer To Inquiries About Getting Another Wife .

Fidelis Anosike, a Nigerian entrepreneur and the CEO of Folio Media Group, was recently asked about Nollywood star Yul Edochie’s announcement about his second wife and son by a fan.

Yul Edochie’s announcement that he had updated his secret lover, Judy Austin, to the status of a second wife set the internet on fire for days.

Following Yul’s surprising disclosure, fans flocked to Fidelis’ Instagram comment section to debate Yul’s marital saga, who just married Nollywood veteran Rita Dominic.

In response to a video of May and Yul together, a fan wrote in the comments section:

“Yul has been emotionally estranged from May for a long time… the smile on his face isn’t genuine.. Because of the screen, he appears to have forced himself to smile.”

Another admirer asked Fidelis if he has any plans to marry another woman like Yul Edochie did. The admirer also brought up his previous remark about males being kids.

The Fan expressed himself as follows:

“I hope you’re not planning something similar….as you don’t talk about men and kids..mind you, infants don’t marry… Men act in this way.

Fidelis brashly declared that he desires to spend the rest of his life with only Rita.

He said, “absolutely No ma’am.”


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