Actress Sonia Ogiri exposes colleagues who knew about Yul’s affair with Judy and continue to praise her as First Lady.

Sonia Ogiri, a well-known Nigerian actress, has given her opinion on Yul Edochie’s second marriage.

On Wednesday, Edochie surprised a number of his fans and colleagues when he revealed Judy Austin Muoghalu as his second wife and their baby.

Yul’s foray into polygamy has sparked debate on social media, with many Nigerians voicing conflicting opinions.

Daddy Freeze, a media figure, revealed his thoughts on polygamy in an Instagram post on Friday, citing actor Yul Edochie and his wife, May, as a case study.

On his Instagram page, the media mogul posted a photo of Yul and expressed his wish for May to marry a second husband and have a kid with him.

“It would be in perfect equilibrium if May Edochie married a second husband, had a child for him, and then posted Yul’s photo with the following comment:” Without a doubt, you are the best! Unfortunately, women in Nigeria have few options.”


Sonia Ogiri confessed her pain in the situation in a comment under Daddy Freeze’s tweet, saying that the actor hid it from his wife till now.

When Judy was four months pregnant, numerous movie stars were aware that he was having an affair, according to the actress.

The mother of one of the children questioned why he didn’t notify his wife, and they both came to an agreement.

Yul’s intention, she claims, was to keep the affair hidden for a long period.

“My anguish on all of this isn’t what he did,” Sonia Ogiri wrote. “Some of us knew since the girl was four months pregnant, and he knew even before that, but why didn’t he tell his wife and they both settled it inside themselves?”

Why did she inform her in this manner? Because that was the idea, he would have kept it a secret for a long time.
Since his campaign days, some in the industry have been calling the girl his First Lady, and some of us have known all along but stayed quiet….. I may not be in Nigeria right now, but I am well-versed in the country. I’m most bothered by his deception of his wife, which is why I had so many questions for Aunty Iyabo about your life that day. It’s all wrong in some way.”


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