I Used To Cry Every Night At The Chapel Because I Hated Being Called A Comedian —Helen Paul.

I Used To Cry At The Chapel Every Night Because I Didn’t Like Being Called A Comedian —Helen Paul
Helen Paul

Helen Paul, a Nollywood actress, remembers crying in the campus chapel at night because she was referred to as a comedian rather than a singer, which she liked.
The multi-talented vocalist earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts from the University of Lagos (UNILAG), where she began her career in comedy, singing, and acting.

Despite her popularity on campus as a comedian, the Southampton university lecturer claimed she disliked being referred to as one. “I became so popular on campus as the new stand-up comic,” she said in an Instagram Live session (in town). ‘I am not a comic,’ I would cry in the college chapel at night. ‘I’m a singer,’ she says.

“How do you become a comedian?” So people would make fun of me? But consider how God has remained loyal throughout. To me, all of my professors were mentors, fathers, and moms. Some of my lecturers who had relocated kept checking in on me when I went to America.”

“‘What are you doing right now?’ they inquired. And I’d tell them I did stand-up comedy and freelance lecturing. That is how I received recommendations from my professors. When one surrenders to God’s spirit, He will do everything he can to help them. One door would close, and another would open.”
“Pastor Kay (Ijisesan) prophesied into my life when I was frightened of coming to America,” Helen Paul added. He claimed that God had told him that my task in Nigeria was not yet complete.

“When I got a job as a master of ceremonies in America, some people would phone me and say, ‘Helen, we heard you charge 5000 dollars as an MC.’Even those who have been here for a long time do not charge that much.’ When that happened, all I had to do was glance up and remember the prophecy. God has proven to be trustworthy.”

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