Shehu Sani explains why women who sleep with dogs should be punished severely.

Former Kaduna politician Shehu Sani has taken notice of a new and worrying trend of women allegedly sleeping with dogs for money.

Remember how, in the last few days, shocking videos of women having sexual intercourse with dogs have gone viral on social media?
CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, a spokesman for the force, reacted to the news by citing the Criminal Code Act of 1990, which stipulates that having carnal knowledge of an animal is illegal.

Sani, speaking on the topic of bestiality, which has sparked debate, said it is wrong for humans to sleep with a dog.
He stated that such a conduct was deserving of severe punishment.

“It’s immoral for human beings to sleep with a dog or for human beings to emulate the methods of the dog while sleeping,” he tweeted.

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