Despite the fact that the post about the cheating husband is not about Yul Edochie, I stand by my statement – Paul Play confirms

Paul Dairo has disputed that his previous post was about Yul, but has stated that he stands by his statement.
Actor Yul Edochie was not included in singer Paul Play’s statement about husbands who cheat on their wives.

In an Instagram post on his official profile, the ‘Angel of My Life’ singer clarified the situation. According to Paul Play, it is none of his concern what another man does with his life, but any man who cheats on his wife deserves to be cheated on.

Paul Play

He expressed himself as follows:

“Please understand that my post has nothing to do with Yul Edochie’s polygamous marriage. Yul I respect your right to privacy, but I’m not a fan of it.

Me, I’m simply yearning for my own little spot before they take me o. It is not my place to judge another man’s life choices! Yul, I’m a big fan of yours, so don’t believe my message was directed at you. But I stand by my statement. Women who cheat on men deserve to be cheated on. Bless.”

After Yul announced his marriage to Judy Austin, his second wife, actress Judy Austin, made headlines. They already have a son together, according to the actor.

May Edochie, the actor’s first wife, commented to the actor and Judy in the comment area of the post, “May God judge you both.”

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